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Corona Brushes

Corona Brushes

Quality handmade professional paint brushes and rollers.

Quality paint tools for painters at home.

Superior coverage. Finest finish. Sharpest cut.

Think Paint Think Corona

At Corona, we carefully craft our brushes and rollers to meet not just our high standards, but also yours. For us, quality means taking pride in what we create. It's an old-fashioned concept, but one that has guaranteed our customers the finest tools for over 50 years.


SKU: CB11549-2
SKU: CB18520-1.5
SKU: CB20460-3
Corona CHICAGO LOOP China Bristle Brush 2" to 3" Corona Gold MINI PRO COOL Nylon Paint Brush 1.5" to 2.5" Corona EDGE Chinex Paint Brush 1.5" to 3"
SKU: CB20562-2.2
SKU: CB20870-2
SKU: CB16055-2.5
Corona PEARL Chinex Paint Brush 2" to 2.5" Corona SANDY Chinex Paint Brush 2" to 2.5" Corona HERITAGE Badger-Style Bristle Paint Brush 2.5" to 3"
SKU: CB20060-2.5
SKU: CB20350-4
SKU: CB8125F-9
Corona KINGSTON Chinex Paint Brush 2" to 4" Corona STAINNEX Chinex Paint Brush 4" to 6" Corona MIGHTYPRO Extra Long Roller Sleeve
SKU: CB20360-6
SKU: CBBR-500F-92
SKU: CB611T-9
Corona STAINMORE Chinex Paint Brush 4" and 6" Corona ULTRAWEAVE Roller Sleeves Corona TROPIC Roller Frame
SKU: CB6930-12
SKU: CB6945-12