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Kirei - Sorghum Panels

Kirei - Sorghum Panels

KIREI is a Japanese word signifying many meanings, including Beautiful, Clean, Pure and Truthful. These combined meanings are the starting point for our philosophy, which is to bring beautiful, natural materials to today’s contemporary designers. Each of our products uses reclaimed, non-toxic materials to lessen our impact on natural resources and contribute to a beautiful, clean, healthy indoor environment. These principles also apply to the way we run our company, using recycled products and efficient, sustainable practices.


Kirei panels use rapidly renewable and reclaimed agricultural fibers to create unique, environmentally friendly interior design materials. Kirei Board, Kirei Coco Tiles and Kirei Wheatboard are manufactured using reclaimed agricultural fiber from the Sorghum, Coconut and Wheat plants grown around the world for food. After harvest the stalks or coconut husks are usually burned or thrown into landfills. By using them in the production of Kirei Board, Kirei Coco Tiles and Kirei Wheatboard this material is removed from the waste stream, reducing landfill use and air pollution, while giving rural farmers a new source of revenue from previously unused waste material. Rapidly renewable or FSC-certified wood are used as bonding strips, greatly reducing the need for newly harvested wood for building.


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