PaperStone is a sustainable composite material made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, petro free phenolic resins and natural pigments.

We offer full size slabs for the DIY or we can fabricate in-house to meet your needs. In addition to our full service fabrication option, we can supply you with the material and help guide you through the small learning curve in fabricating such a hard solid surface.

All full size sheets are quoted per specific job. We offer expert advise on the process and can supply CMT blades and router bits specific to this material. In addition to the above services, from time to time we offer and list here leftover pieces from our larger jobs.


SKU: PS.Clean
SKU: PS.Finish
SKU: SKU1768512
PaperStone Cleaner & Rejuvenator PaperStone Finish PaperStone Grass 1" x20" x40"
SKU: SKU1768511
SKU: SKU17684
SKU: SKU17685
PaperStone Grass 1" x21" x 32" PaperStone Leather 1" x 35.25" x 41.25" PaperStone Mohca 1" x 30" x 26.5"
SKU: SKU176851
SKU: SKU17686
PaperStone Mohca 1" x 30" x 96" x 20" x 70" PaperStone Slate 1" x 30" x 48"