OSMO Decking Oil High Quality Natural Exterior Wood Finish

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Osmo Decking Oils are High Quality Natural Exterior Wood Decking Finishes

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OSMO Decking Oil High Quality Natural Exterior Wood Finish

  • Designed and produced to meet the individual demands of exotic wood species
  • Clear or transparent, satin-matt, for exterior use
  • Especially recommended for garden furniture and wooden decking
  • Smoothes the wooden surface and makes it water-repellent and dirt-resistant
  • Number of coats: 2 coats on raw wood, for renovation, apply 1 coat to a clean and dry surface - no sanding required!
  • Available in 0.75 and 2.50 liter cans
  • 1 liter covers approximately  24 m² with 1 coat
  • OR - for us Americans who should have gone metric in the 60's (wait - give me a little time to do this simple conversion)
  • 1 liter covers approximately 258 sq/ft with 1 coat
  • .75 liter can will cover 193 sq/ft or a 2.5 liter can will cover 645 sq/ft
  • VOC size regulations apply so some states.

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We have sold out of the Clear and suggest you switch to a similar brand from Germany Saicos.  Here is a direct link to the clear.

Saicos Clear Exterior Oil Finish

    • Weight
      10 lbs
    • SKU
  • Manufacturer
    OSMO - Wood finishings
  • Size & Color
    DK01625 - Bangkirai Dark - 2.5 Liter, DK01675 - Bangkirai Dark - .75 Liter, DK00725 - Clear - 2.5 Liter, DK00775 - Clear - .75 Liter, DK01425 - Massaranduba - 2.5 Liter, DK01475 - Massaranduba - .75 Liter
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