OSMO Producs With everything from the renowned Polyx® 3054 - the original Hardwax-Oil, to One Coat for Exterior to Top Oil for food grade finish and Professional Color Stain. Osmo is the wood product specialist.

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  • Replacement cover to use with OSMO's Optiset (sold separately) Easy to use, for picking up dust on all wood floors.

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  • OSMO Polyx-Oil, The original Hardwax Oil from all natural oils and waxes

    • Clear Stain Satin Finish
    • 645 Square Feet one coat coverage 2.5L
    • Sunflower oil, Soybean oil, Thissle oil, Carnauba wax, candelilla wax
    • Available here in .125L Sample Size, .75L and 2.5L
    • $139.00

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  • Product Description Wax impregnated cloth to maintain and clean oiled and waxed wood surfaces. Simply tear open. Ready to use.

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  • For cleaning and maintaining oiled and waxed timber/cork floors furniture - cleans & regenerates, can be polished, water repellent, almost odorless, benzene free

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  • Micro Mop fits the OSMO Optiset Floor Maintenance Mop

    • $24.00

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  • Replacement cover to use with OSMO's Optiset (sold separately) For simple application of OSMO Liquid Wax Cleaner on all oiled/waxed timber floors

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  • We are SOLD OUT of OSMO Wash and Care BUT HAVE the same item from Saicos

    Saicos Wash Care 1 liter size

    • $125.00

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  • 15 Hand Towels; Effective hand cleansing, effortlessly removes oil and wax, as well as bitumen, tar, ink, glue etc. Gentle to your skin

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  • OSMO Brush Cleaner and Thinner. Highly refined mineral spirts - contains no Benzene and very little ordor. Less toxic than common paint thinners

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  • OSMO Top Oil

    • Oil & Wax mixture clear treatment for furniture and kitchen tops
    • Retains its natural matte finish & resistant to wine, beer, carbonated drinks and water
    • Water repellent and non abrasive • Available in .5 liter. 1 liter covers 129 sq ft with 2 coats
    • Dirt can easily be removed without trace
    • Application is in 2-3 thin coats applied by brush or lint free cloth
    • No sanding, no repair marks, and no removal of previous top oil finish
    • Interior use only

    Osmo Top-Oil is a micro-porous, clear matte, satin and Natural wood finish for kitchen work tops and general interior joinery (table tops and furniture).  The Top-Oil surface is extremely tough and hard-wearing. It is water-repellent and dirt-resistant.  The finish is resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and water etc. when dry according to DIN 68861 - 1C (German Industrial Norm).

    Top Oil Quick Info PDF
    Top Oil MSDS PDF

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  • OSMO Floor Brush 150mm, 220mm or 400mm for applying OSMO oils and wax finishes.

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  • Clean and fast application of Osmo Polyx® Professional Hardwax Oil – specially developed for professional users

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Items: 112 of 28, per page