OSMO 3055 Matt
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OSMO Polyx Hard Wax Oil #3055 Matt

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Osmo Polyx Oil 3055 Clear Matt Original is a professional, clear, and quick drying floor finish for all wooden floors. Osmo Polyx 3031 clear matt can also be used on cork floors and is well suited for the treatment of furniture surfaces, i.e. tabletops and worktops, chairs, staircases and wooden toys, etc. It can also be used on screed, terracotta, slate and other unglazed tiles.

We are SOLD OUT of OSMO Matt  BUT HAVE the newer Saicos matt

Similar ingredients but improved with a quicker dry time 3-5hr vs OSMO 8 Hours..

Saicos hardwax Oil matte/satin/gloss

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Osmo Polyx Oil 3055 Clear matt 

It's been a long 10 year run we had with OSMO but we found something we believe is better.  Saicos from Germany also is a Premium Hardwax Oil finish.  Better dry times between the OSMO 3054 and Saicos 3200 as well as  three additives 

Saicos Premium Hardwax oil finish

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    OSMO - Wood finishings
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